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What's New at SteelExpertWitness?

Recent website modifications include the following:

  • Oct 2020: Launched Metal Expert Witness service. See our sister website at www.metalexpertwitness.com
  • Aug 2020: Enlarged expert team to include Melinda Moore (iron ore arbitration expert).
  • Jan 2019: Added video news clips about court orders, judicial rulings etc. See our legal proceedings page.
  • Oct 2018: Expanded the expert team to include Andy Dent (long product rolling mills) and David Howes (steel trading).
  • Sep 2018: Added a glossary of legal terms. See glossary page.
  • Apr 2018: Adopted https website encryption.
  • Mar 2018: Optimised website for fast page loading speed. Modifications included enabling of HTTP compression; better use of browser caching; minification of CSS, HTML and Javascript code; and image optimisation (via lossless compression).
  • Feb 2018: Added steel sector litigation newsfeed. See steel litigation news page.
  • Jan 2018: Launch of SteelExpertWitness website.
  • Dec 2017: Registration of SteelExpertWitness.com domain name.

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