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Profiles of our Steel Experts

Andrzej Kotas, BSc PhD MBA FIMMM FIC

Andrzej specialises in market-related expert witness work, especially price-related issues. His expert witness involvement includes quantum of damage determinations relating to pricing, contractual, economic and market matters for steel and raw materials. A recent assignment involved working for an overseas government as Respondent on technical and economic matters in a complex dispute with significant quantum. He is skilled at thinking through issues from all angles with meticulous attention to detail.

Steel expert - Dr Andrzej Kotas

James F King, MA

James has over 30 years' experience as an expert witness in international commercial arbitration cases concerning product pricing, raw materials and transport. He has in-depth expertise in cost modelling in the steel and metals sectors underpinned by a first class degree in economics from the University of Cambridge followed by employment at the Bank of England prior to embarking on his consulting and expert witness career. His knowledge of the world steel industry is extensive. A recent assignment involved working for an overseas government as Respondent on technical and economic matters in a complex dispute with significant quantum.

Mr James King

David Edwards, BSc (Hons) Metallurgy

Dave has worked in the international iron and steel industry at all levels for over 40 years. His particular areas of expertise are in mini-mill technology - electric furnace steelmaking, continuous casting and long product rolling. His career covers general management, operational management, project management and heavy industry consulting in the metallurgical industry. He has worked in the UK, North and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, and he speaks Spanish and some French.

Mr David Edwards


Roger specialises in steel and iron ore market-related expert witness work, especially price and contract-related issues. His expert witness involvement includes valuation experience in the iron and steel sectors. He has attended and been cross examined at arbitration tribunals in London, Singapore and Hong Kong. A recent assignment involved working for an overseas government as Respondent on technical and economic matters in a complex dispute with significant quantum. His knowledge of steel is extensive, from semi-finished through to finished products, with particular strength in galvanised and coated steels for the construction sector.

Mr Roger Emmott

Peter Stickland, CEng MA MIMMM

Peter specialises in cases relating to steel distribution, including steel service centre and stockholder disputes. He also has much experience in intellectual property issues and in matters to do with steel transfer pricing.

Mr Peter Stickland

Melinda Moore, BEc (Hons)

Melinda specialises in iron ore commercial arbitrations, including product pricing and trade delivery matters, having been deeply embedded in driving the evolution of fair market pricing mechanisms for over 15 years. Melinda maintains an extensive working knowledge of pricing negotiations, financing, contractual terms and conditions, and industry best practice, including both historical and up-to-date physical and chemical value-in-use differentials.

Melinda Moore

Bill Penn, CEng FIMMM

Bill specialises in technical matters related to metals processing. His experience thus encompasses integrated steelmaking plants (including cokemaking, blast furnace and BOF operations), mini mills (including EAF steelmaking) and ferro alloy production.

Mr Bill Penn

Andrew Dent, BSc

Andrew has over 30 years' steel rolling experience, spanning both flat and long product mills. His expert area is steel plant engineering and operational issues, including forensic investigations.

Mr Andrew Dent

David M Jones, BSc, PhD

A post graduate qualified metallurgist with over 45 years’ international experience of process and product development in the iron and steel industry especially in billet, bar, rod and wire products. Holder of senior management positions in quality assurance, quality control, technical and logistics departments; together with complementary experience in the associated downstream construction, wire drawing and fastener industries. Conversant with a wide range of national, European and international steel specifications and associated industry standards.

Dr David Jones

David Howes

David has 40 years' experience in the steel trading industry. He has worked as an industry expert with leading City of London lawyers on steel shipping fraud cases involving the London insurance market. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in physical steel trading, documentation, logistics and trade finance.

Mr David Howes

Sebastian Lewis

Sebastian is a Chinese speaking consultant with more than 10 years' experience living and working in China. He has a broad analytical and management skillset developed working as a management consultant and more recently as the senior representative in China working for a leading provider of data and analytics for the global metals markets. Sebastian led various research and consulting teams in Shanghai and has a first class understanding of the steel sector in China (including its transition towards a low carbon economy, restructuring and modernisation).

Mr Sebastian Lewis

Jean-Luc Fiorenzoni

Jean-Luc has 30 years' experience in international trading of physical and derivatives commodities (futures, swaps, options and warrants) across a variety of exchanges (including LME, CME, SGX, SHFE, DCE) as well as other over-the-counter markets.

His operational and advisory roles span across base, non-ferrous and ferrous metals; including refined and bulk materials. Jean-Luc has experience working for and with leading metal trading houses, mining and refining companies, the manufacturing and construction sectors as well as financial institutions such as banks, brokers and commodities exchanges.

Mr Jean-Luc Fiorenzoni

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