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Steel Industry Litigation News

We list below a number of recent iron and steel industry (or related) legal disputes. This page is updated regularly.

12 Apr 2021   Credit Suisse Fallen Prey to Supply Chain Fraud
05 Apr 2021   Time to end the tariffs on aluminum and steel
01 Apr 2021   Ukraine: Interpipe accused of dumping
30 Mar 2021   Sapan Gupta elevated as global legal head of ArcelorMittal
25 Mar 2021   SMA Touts EPI Report on Continuation of 232 Steel Tariffs
13 Mar 2021   China environment minister urges crackdown on steel mills illegal ...
25 Feb 2021   Steel users beg Biden to nix 232 tariffs
21 Feb 2021   5 Top Weekly TSXV Stocks: Azincourt Energy Soars 150 Percent
04 Feb 2021   Continued tariffs will sustain ongoing growth of US steel sector: ...
25 Jan 2021   Getting an exclusion from steel, aluminum tariffs just got harder
15 Jan 2021   ISTA petitions UK over Northern Irish steel tariffs
14 Jan 2021   Mining News - Alaska to appeal Corps' Pebble decision
12 Jan 2021   U.S. steel groups, union urge Biden to keep Trumps steel tariffs ...
11 Jan 2021   Steel Industry and Labor Urge Biden to Keep Steel Tariffs in Place
23 Dec 2020   Sundance seeks $8.8 bln in damages over Congo iron ore project
10 Dec 2020   Mining News - Pebble vows to appeal mine permit denial
02 Dec 2020   MMK continues to implement water protection project
01 Dec 2020   Court Confirms Almaden's Original Ixtaca Claim Block - Junior Mining ...
13 Nov 2020   China-Australia spat strands 400 seafarers as human crisis looms
13 Nov 2020   China-Australia Spat Strands 400 Seafarers as Human Crisis Looms
13 Nov 2020   Stranded coal ships in crosshairs of China-Australia spat
13 Nov 2020   Stranded coal ships become latest casualty of China-Australia spat
12 Nov 2020   Stranded Coal Ships in Crosshairs of China-Australia Spat
10 Nov 2020   Mariana dam disaster victims to appeal court ruling to drop BHP ...
09 Nov 2020   UK court drops $9 billion lawsuit against BHP
09 Nov 2020   U.K. court blocks $6.6B lawsuit against BHP over Brazil dam burst
09 Nov 2020   English judge blocks 5 billion pound Brazil lawsuit against BHP ...
09 Nov 2020   English court blocks lawsuit against BHP over Brazil dam burst
09 Nov 2020   English Court Blocks $6.6B Brazil Lawsuit Against Mining Firm BHP ...
09 Nov 2020   High court judge blocks Brazil lawsuit against BHP
09 Nov 2020   English judge blocks 5bn Brazil lawsuit against BHP over burst ...
30 Oct 2020   Biden could bankrupt gold stocks, warns expert, but what is the ...
27 Oct 2020   Altura up for sale as lithium troubles take toll
15 Oct 2020   Eu Implements Further Stainless Steel Import Protection As Asian ...
13 Oct 2020   Coal the latest commodity to suffer from ongoing spat between Beijing ...
09 Oct 2020   Troubleshooting the punched sheet metal edge
09 Oct 2020   Court orders fresh tender for Polish plate mill
06 Oct 2020   Iron ore outlook is finely balanced as supply picks up, China demand ...
02 Oct 2020   Brazil considers reopening $27.4bn civil action lawsuit against ...
16 Sep 2020   Fortescue shareholders call for cultural heritage protection, constitution ...
03 Sep 2020   India proposes overhaul of mining sector amid concerns over legality ...
31 Aug 2020   Mr Trump Cuts Brazilian Steel Import Section 232 Quota
27 Aug 2020   AMSA declares force majeure after Newcastle furnace breakdown
08 Aug 2020   Nippon Steel appeals South Korea court ruling on asset seizure
04 Aug 2020   India's secondary steelmakers are facing troubles in procurement ...
29 Jul 2020   Iluka takes legal action against US chemical firm
27 Jul 2020   UK lawsuit against BHP over Samarco dam disaster key to justice: ...
27 Jul 2020   UK BHP case key to justice: Brazil mayors

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