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What Is Steel Expert Witness?

We offer specialized steel industry knowledge that allows us to present opinions about the facts of a case during legal proceedings. Typical clients include raw material suppliers (ferrous scrap, iron ore), producers of iron metallics (e.g. DRI or pig iron), steel producers, steel processors, traders, buyers of steelmaking plant and equipment and government bodies (including tax authorities). Our working relationships however are usually with instructed solicitors and their counsels (or counsel teams).

What Can Our Steel Experts Offer?

The main activity of steelexpertwitness.com is to provide expert witness support in order to help resolve steel sector legal disputes.

Our own expert witnesses typically have many years of operating or consulting experience in the steel sector. They are well-placed therefore to provide independent professional opinions and litigation support on technical or commercial matters relating to iron & steel.

This technical experience includes all areas of steel production, including raw material preparation, ironmaking, liquid steelmaking, casting and rolling, and metal distribution. Our capabilities also include wide experience of commercial disputes and arbitrations concerning pricing, delivery terms, transport, contract performance and product valuation for insurance or compensation purposes. Our experts also have a good understanding of the obligations that are normally expected of the expert witness role.

Our product experience extends to iron ore, direct reduced iron, semi-finished steel products (including billet and slab), flat products (plate, hot and cold rolled coil, galvanised steel, organic coated steel and tinplate), long products (beams, rail, sections, bar including reinforcing bar, rod and wire), specialty steel (stainless and engineering steel or SBQ) as well as pipe and tube (seamless and welded).

The importance of Witness Impartiality

The duty of all our Consultants is to give a Court or Tribunal an impartial opinion on matters that are in dispute.

Our Location and Time Zone

We are located near London, in the United Kingdom. We are able to operate virtually using modern video conferencing tools.

What geographies do we cover?

We work for clients worldwide. Our experts have given evidence at recent International Arbitration and Court hearings in London, Paris, Geneva, the Hague, Hong Kong and Singapore.

How Much Do We Charge?

Our Consultants are all billed out at a very competitive daily fee rate. After you contact us, we will prepare a letter of engagement (LoE) that identifies the probable experts involved on your case, in a document that explains their daily fees, and estimates the expected assignment duration (where appropriate). Our letter of engagement also defines any fixed costs and expenses that may be agreed between us (e.g. for meeting attendance or for preparation of an initial written report) and clarifies any follow-on fees where relevant. The LoE also explains our standard payment terms. You thus have a full understanding of the expected costs prior to our commencement of any work.

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