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Video Clips from 2022 - Iron & Steel News

How these buildings made Turkey-Syria’s earthquake so deadly
14 Feb 2023
On the morning of February 6, a pair of powerful earthquakes, 7.8 and 7.6, hit Turkey and Syria. On top of that, the region was hit with strong aftershocks, which made the destruction even worse. The death toll is already in the tens of thousands with many victims still lying beneath the rubble. Multiple factors led to this earthquake being so devastating, like fault lines, neighborhoods still reeling from war and delayed rescue missions. But what made this earthquake particularly catastrophic was unsafe buildings. According to the Turkish government, over 6,000 buildings collapsed because of this earthquake. And that's likely because of the way they were built.

Hundreds of workers for Pueblo Steel Mill expansion let go amid ongoing lawsuit
04 Jan 2023
Latest news about the closure of the Evraz Pueblo rail mill caused by a construction dispute. The legal battle now spells doom for some 650 employees ...

India's Tata Steel seeks support from UK government
15 Oct 2022
India's Tata Steel sought financial support from the British government upon its operations. The firm is hopeful of receiving $1.5 bn in terms of subsidy package for proposed transition of furnaces to green energy.

China's real estate crisis is dragging down steel mills
29 Jul 2022
The debt crisis in China's real estate industry has not only spawned a large number of unfinished buildings or rotten tail buildings as they’re called in China, but the crisis has also affected its upstream steel industry. People may have two general impressions of China's steel industry. First is its size. It’s the world's largest, scale-wise; second is its overcapacity. The latter is a headache for the world, as China floods the market with cheap steel it has shut down steel mills in other countries and left workers unemployed. For nearly a decade, the U.S. and Europe have been fighting the CCP over this issue.

Turkish steel industry hit by Ukraine crisis, trade barriers
07 Jul 2022
Turkey is Europe's largest steel producer and the world's seventh-largest. The steel production capacity in Turkey has increased rapidly in recent years, with crude steel output hitting a record high of 40.4 million tonnes in 2021. However, the Turkish steel industry currently faces many challenges from rising costs and shrinking markets

ArcelorMittal Strike | Numsa-affiliated employees down tools
11 May 2022
ArcelorMittal employees affiliated to the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa have downed tools following failed wage talks. NUMSA served the steel producer with a 48-hour notice of a strike on Monday evening ...

GFG Alliance offices in UK raided by fraud officials
28 Apr 2022
Sanjeev Gupta's UK operations of GFG Alliance have been raided following a probe into alleged money laundering. A GFG Alliance spokesperson said the raid was a 'low-key visit by SFO officials' and has denied any suggestion of wrongdoing.

Surat gets India's first-ever, 1km long steel-slag road; Sets sustainable development example
27 Mar 2022
Gujarat has got India's first 'steel road'. Situated in Surat, the road is made with 100% processed steel slag, is 1km long and has 6 lanes. The project is sponsored by the Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) with help from the Ministry of Steel...

Steel Markets Insight Europe - Kallanish
17 Mar 2022
This Webinar discusses key trends in the regional steel industry in 2022. Last year, the market saw prices reach record levels and steelmakers' profitability jumped significantly. The correction in prices registered during the second half of 2021 turned out to be less accentuated than expected, but uncertainties remain. 2022 will confirm in a definitive way if the European steel market has steadily entered a new cycle of elevated steel prices or if a new correction is looming. As the global steel community digests the fallout from the invasion of Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, the Kallanish editorial team analyse the impact on steel supply, demand and trade.

Can we design a carbon tax that doesn’t create trade conflicts?
16 Mar 2022
Cecilia Malmstrom of the Peterson Institute for International Economics discusses how to design a carbon tax, outlining the European Union's proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM).

EVRAZ steel mill pays out thousands for safety violations following explosion
12 Jan 2022
Evraz is to pay thousands of dollars in fines after an explosion last year injured eight employees. Investigates indicated that cooling water leaked into molten steel.

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