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Video Clips from 2023 - Latest Iron & Steel News

United Steelworkers’ frustration continues, claims no communication from Nippon Steel
31 Jan 2024
In a letter sent to its members Monday, the United SteelWorkers' union voiced its frustration with Nippon Steel. Making a deal with a foreign company, said USW, demonstrates greed and short-sightedness ...

Outrage after US Steel agrees to sale to Japanese company
19 Dec 2023
Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan's largest steelmaker, said it will acquire U.S. Steel for $14.1 billion. Concerns are being voiced however about the proposed Japanese ownership.

Ukraine seeks return of workers to boost economy
03 Nov 2023
As Russia's war in Ukraine rages on, those who've stayed in the country are adapting to war-time conditions. In recent months, domestic consumption has risen, and electricity supply has remained stable. Still, the challenges are enormous. Millions of Ukrainians have left – contributing to major labor shortages in key sectors, like steel.

Can the steel industry go green?
31 Oct 2023
The metal's role role in the climate crisis is now under scrutiny as companies across the world are racing to reduce their emissions. But the costs and challenges they are facing are significant.

United Steelworkers union clashes with U.S. Steel over takeover bid
23 Aug 2023
Discussion about the clash between the United Steelworkers union clashing with U.S. over the takeover bid.

US Steel Rejects $7.25 Billion Bid From Rival Cliffs
14 Aug 2023
United States Steel has rejected a takeover offer of about $7.25 billion from rival Cleveland-Cliffs and will begin a review of its strategic options instead.

The ¥243 Billion Collapse Of China's Bohai Steel
21 Jun 2023
Once a prominent force in China's steel industry, Bohai Steel Group has faced a staggering downfall attributed to internal corporate problems, mismanagement, and a perilous reliance on debt-driven expansion. As a consequence, the company's decline proved inevitable.

The Collapse Of Malaysia's Largest Steel Company
16 Jun 2023
Perwaja Steel, a prominent steel company in Malaysia, was founded in 1982. the firm experienced a remarkable rise in its early years; but operational inefficiency and high indebtedness eventually resulted in company closure. The film clip describes the history of the firm.

Industrial giant Thyssenkrupp protests EU rules blocking massive cash injection
15 Jun 2023
Workers at industrial giant Thyssen Krupp have been protesting against EU state aid rules blocking a massive cash injection aimed at making the industry more climate friendly. The company says it needs subsidies of €2 billion for a new "green" steel-making plant that will be powered by climate-neutral hydrogen and is due to begin production in 2026.

How these buildings made Turkey-Syria’s earthquake so deadly
14 Feb 2023
On the morning of February 6, a pair of powerful earthquakes, 7.8 and 7.6, hit Turkey and Syria. On top of that, the region was hit with strong aftershocks, which made the destruction even worse. The death toll is already in the tens of thousands with many victims still lying beneath the rubble. Multiple factors led to this earthquake being so devastating, like fault lines, neighborhoods still reeling from war and delayed rescue missions. But what made this earthquake particularly catastrophic was unsafe buildings. According to the Turkish government, over 6,000 buildings collapsed because of this earthquake. And that's likely because of the way they were built.

Hundreds of workers for Pueblo Steel Mill expansion let go amid ongoing lawsuit
04 Jan 2023
Latest news about the closure of the Evraz Pueblo rail mill caused by a construction dispute. The legal battle now spells doom for some 650 employees ...

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