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SteelExpertWitness - Who We Are

Steelexpertwitness.com represents a group of steel industry experts. These experts provide technical and commercial evidence to assist with the resolution of steel sector disputes.

Steelexpertwitness.com is owned and operated by Metals Consulting International Limited (MCI).

MCI is an independently owned firm of steel industry management consultants based in London, UK. We specialise in steel industry feasibility studies, due diligence work and steel business modernisation and restructuring. MCI was founded in October 2003 and is now over 21 years old. Metals Consulting International is certified by the registrar of Companies in England and Wales as a privately-owned limited company.

MCI also own and operate Steelonthenet.com, which is Steelexpertwitness.com's sister site. Steelonthenet.com is a steel industry news and information portal that provides site visitors with news reports, price and cost data, industry intelligence and market and economic information. The web site was launched in 2001.

Many of the experts who work for MCI in a management consulting role also offer the expert witness support services offered through Steelexpertwitness.com.

What We Do

The professionals at Steelexpertwitness.com provide technical analysis and opinion that assists courts of law or tribunals in reaching their decisions concerning iron and steel industry disputes. To read some examples of our recent litigation cases, please see our case studies page.

We are furthermore familiar with preparation of Court Procedure 35 (CPR Part 35) compliant reports.

How We Work

All experts at Steelexpertwitness.com abide by several main principles.

  • All experts must behave with integrity.
  • Experts must avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Experts must apply due skill, care and diligence in their work.
  • Experts must respond to clients professionally and in a timely manner.
  • All experts must recognise that their overriding duty is to the court and to the administration of justice.

A number of our experts are registered with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and similar bodies. For further information, please contact us.

Our Company Brochure

Please feel free to download a pdf copy of the SteelExpertWitness brochure. Alternatively, click here to view an online 'flip-book' version of our company profile.

Other Group Companies

Our sister companies - also owned by MCI - include the Saint Barbara consultancy. Saint Barbara is an independent UK-based management consulting firm (founded in 1992) that offers specialist advice to the world's metal, minerals and mining industries. Shortly after MCI's merger with Saint Barbara in April 2020, our Group launched MetalExpertWitness.com.MetalExpertWitness.com is a specialised advisory business that is focused on litigation support to the non-ferrous metals industries. Capabilities cover geology, mining, ore processing, smelting, refining, leaching, pellet-making, metal production, fabrication, technology issues and transport logistics.

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