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Video Clips from 2018 - Iron & Steel News

Supreme Court On Essar Steel Insolvency Case
04 Oct 2018
Supreme Court rules that both bidders ArcelorMittal and Numetal have to clear dues before being eligible to submit bids for Essar Steel

Trump: Aluminium and steel tariffs will remain until we can do something
01 Oct 2018
President Donald Trump speaks on the new U.S-Mexico-Canada trade agreement that replaces NAFTA. He also answers questions on the current trade tensions that exist between China and the USA.

Bhushan Steel: Investigations Reveal Siphoned Funds as High as Rs 7000 crore
21 Aug 2018
Serious fraud office investigators on the Bhushan Steel case have revealed that the ex-promoters of Bhushan Steel may have siphoned off as much as Rs 7000 crore using dozens of shell companies.

Trump's Steel Tariff Squeezes US Can Manufacturer
11 Jul 2018
The Trump administration's 25 percent tariff on imported steel has been welcomed by U.S. producers of the material but was slammed by American manufacturers that rely on a global steel supply chain to make everything from cars to razor blades. VOA visited a can company that is being squeezed by the new tariff and has this report.

NCLT Rules in Favour of Tata Sons | Tata Sons vs Cyrus Mistry
09 Jul 2018
The National Companies Law Tribunal (NCLT) dismissed Cyrus Mistry's plea over his removal as Tata Sons chairman. The court stated that Mistry's conduct does not bode well for the smooth functioning of Tata Sons, as the former executive chairman allegedly leaked information to the media.

How Trump's claims that tariffs are needed for national security could set a problematic precedent
08 Mar 2018
President Trump's steep new tariffs signed into law on Thursday could lead to bigger trade battles in the months to come. Even before the announcement, 11 Asian Pacific nations signed a pact to slash tariffs on their mutual trade. Hari Sreenivasan and Peter Goodman from The New York Times discuss what this may mean for free trade going forward.

Kobe Steel CEO to resign over data fraud scandal
07 Mar 2018
Kobe Steel Ltd said that it may reveal more cases of falsified data impacting other products besides aluminum and copper.

How Trump could spark a global trade war over steel
09 Feb 2018
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross delivers a secret report to President Trumo on the effects of steel imports on national security. But President Trump's potential measures could disrupt international trade and even spark a trade war.

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